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Keynsham and District Talking Newspaper (KTN) was founded in 1983 and provides a much-valued free service for approximately 100 visually impaired listeners, with a weekly mix of news and magazine articles.

Did you enjoy reading but now experience difficulty due to poor eyesight or blindness? The service is free to people who are unable to read newsprint. Enjoy our local news and our magazine section with wide choice of topics from historic places, local personalities to recipes and information on changes in national benefits and entitlements.

Local news and listeners come from Keynsham, Bristol & Bath as well as further afield.

We welcome new listeners. Please call: 0117 299 3021.

Press contact:

Catherine Dhanjal, KTN’s secretary, by email Catherine.dhanjal@theanswer.ltd or telephone on 0794 166 9925 or 0800 998 7990

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