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Keynsham and District Talking Newspaper (KTN) was founded in 1983 and provides a much-valued free service for approximately 100 visually impaired listeners, with a weekly mix of news and magazine articles.

Did you enjoy reading but now experience difficulty due to poor eyesight or blindness? The service is free to people who are unable to read newsprint. Enjoy our local news and our magazine section with wide choice of topics from historic places, local personalities to recipes and information on changes in national benefits and entitlements.

Local news and listeners come from Keynsham, Bristol & Bath as well as further afield.

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Bill Bailey becomes patron of the Keynsham Talking Newspaper

We are delighted to announce that Bill Bailey, the much-loved comedian, musician,
and actor, has become patron of the Keynsham and District Talking Newspaper.
The Keynsham Talking Newspaper is open to listeners from Keynsham, Bristol, Bath
and further afield. It was founded 35 years ago and provides a much-valued free
service for approximately 100 visually impaired listeners, with a weekly mix of news
and magazine articles.
In addition to his work as a stand-up comedian, Bill Bailey is best known for starring
in the comedy television programme, Black Books, alongside Dylan Moran and
Tamsin Greig. He has also featured on Never Mind the Buzzcocks, Have I Got News
for You and QI and is often listed as one of the funniest British stand-up comedians
in polls.
The popular and quirky comedian was born in Bath and grew up in Keynsham and
attended King Edward’s School. He is a classically trained musician and was
awarded an Associateship Diploma from the London College of Music.
Bill Bailey is also a supporter of women’s issues with his support of the Fawcett
Society and has also spoken out on many issues relating to men, such as prostate
cancer, with his support of the Men United campaign. He was also a patron and
activist for Prostate Cancer UK.
He is a keen environmental conservationist, receiving an honorary doctorate in
conservation and sustainability from the Australian University of the Sunshine Coast
in 2014, and is patron of a number of wildlife charities.
Bill was awarded an Honorary Doctorate by the University of Bath earlier this year,
with Professor Mike Threadgill delivering the speech saying, “Bill Bailey is a ‘local
boy made good’. He is an extraordinary and individual performer in comedy, music
and acting. He is an extraordinary communicator and advocate for causes in the
environment and cancer and thoroughly deserves this honorary degree.”
Chairman of the Keynsham Talking Newspaper, Mike Crane, said, “We are all
absolutely thrilled that Bill Bailey has become patron of the Keynsham Talking
If you or someone you know is unable to read newsprint, we would be delighted to
supply them with the KTN service. If they do not have the means to play memory
sticks, we can supply an easy-to-use box to play them on. New listeners are
welcomed. Contact: 0117 299 3021.